Titans are the first creatures to roam the planet and they were called the land pullers. They existed many millenias before the first dinosaurs to roam. They were wiped out by the Hikari Phoenix so a new generation of life can emmerge.


The titans are humongous creatures, toppling the size of the highest mountains. There were two distinct titans, one of them is the land pullers. They range from 4000 meters tall to 10000 meters tall. They appear mostly to have 4 arms and 2 legs and a crooked and jagged body. Some has mountains or even volcanoes attached on them and some has lakes and rivers running through them. The other type of titans were the Sea-Connectors, their notable feature is that they have tails to swim across the huge ocean. They also possessed a slippery skin making them hard to grab and they also have fins and gills so they can breath under water.


Before the dawn of the dinosaurs or guardia, lived the titans. The titans were huge creatures and vicious as they battled each other for territory. The titans were divided to two groups, the land pullers and the sea connectors. These two groups battled each other for supremecy which started to forge the mega continent. As their battle rages for centuries the continent got bigger and bigger and the land pullers migrated to the mega continent. After years of peace between the two groups, the land pullers started to accumulate greed and wanted more land so they battled each other, land pullers vs land pullers. Than the great land puller chief decided they would to split the continents which is now the 7 continents of the world. As they teared the continent down it caused a major impact to the oceans and the sea connectors used their mighty strength to connect the oceans. The 7 continents were gave name by the titans. Uzukur which is now Europe, Harisia which is now Asia, Yuzukiru which is now Antartica, Nordaruk which is now North America, Sordaruk which is now South America, and lastly Hizaria which is now Africa. They lived peacefully for many ages but one day a war broke out. The Titans began to battle each other causing the Earth's crust to be destroyed. Than, the Hikari phoenix came from the heavens and with its god like ability killed the titans and begin the dawn of new life. But two titans managed to survived but were in a frozen state which one day will change the fate of the world.

Chronos vs Mizukuro

Millenias after the age of the titans, a new creature emmerged which is known as the dinosaurs they had grow in numbers and dominated the continents of Earth. But, a fateful day came which will cause the mass extinction. The two titans woked up after a slumber of millenias. They woked up to a shock to see the land they forged changed during the time of their sleep. Suddenly the titans noticed eachother and began to continue the battle they left. Chronos the mightiest of all Titans was gave the title the Lava Titan as he had a volcano attached to his back. Mizukuro the sea titan, was known as the Ocean Titan where he connected many oceans. Their battle were so fierce it caused a ripple in the universe which opened a portal to a empty dimension. As they battled the magma from Chronos was released and Mizukuro released the water from his body. The two elements emmerged and was sucked into the dimension which created a core and begin a new planet in an empty dimension it also sucked many dinosaurs and plants and many creatures in its radius which caused the mass extinction. Chronos and Mizukuro battled to the death where both of them were defeated and died due the strain on their bodies.

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