iThe Hirukaze family line is the descendents of the legendary Hutuka Hirukaze, the first man to be bestowed with the power of the keys.


Hutuka Hirukaze was borned during the first Key Age which is approximately 5500 years ago. He came from an unknown part of the Northern Continent. He later was married to a women named Hinuji Nakazura where the Hirukaze family line began. 

Hirukaze DescendentsEdit

Noguro Hirukaze

He was borned on the year 5350 K.A. He is also the 599th Shogun of the Guardian Nation. He was killed by the Dark Lord Kuronaga. He is the father of Hoguro Hirukaze.

Hoguro Hirukaze

He is the father of Mizumi Hirukaze and Excalibur's Grandfather. He is also a close friend of Higuruma Nokomura. During his younger years he was part of Guardian Unit with Higuruma Nokomura, after the death of his father he became part of the council of Guardia. At one point of his life, he was plagued with an unknown disease and dying. He asked Higuuma to be Mizumi's sensei and lead him to righteous way.

Mizumi Hirukaze

He is Excalibur's father. He is also the student of Higuruma Nokomura. He was borned with the God Key. 

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