The God Blades are 4 swords forged in the heavens by God and given to the worthy ones that he created. This swords possesses immense power that it could cut an entire continent into half.

The Four Legendary SwordsEdit


The first of the four swords was given to a human on Earth named Arthur. The sword was called the Excalibur. It is the strongest of all four swords as it was able to cut Tokyo into half. The sword's ability was shown to cause massive tremors when used destroying everything in its path. When Arthur was dying he asked his dearest friend Mozuko(Merlin) to seal this blade with him to the afterworld as he feared the people of the future would use this as a weapon of war instead of Peace.


The Raitonkiri or Lightning Cutter was a katana gaved to the first shogun of Guardia. It was later passed down the shogun lines and now is in Higuuruma's possesion. The sword was able to summon strike of lightning and thus controling the lightning. Higuuruma has been shown to use this blade at its full capacity during his final battle with Ryozuke. After his death, the sword is currently possesed by the Elder's Council.

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